Foothill Place Reviews

See what other people are saying about our Salt Lake City apartments! At Foothill Place Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can't wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let us know! We appreciate the feedback, good or bad.



The location is great, same with the amenities. If there is something that breaks matinence is quick to fix. Awesome to pay online! The people are friendly here also. The patios are smaller than I'd hope but nice to walk out and have a cup of coffee in a camping chair.


The location drew my family here, but the move in was quick and easy and the amenities are a fantastic added perk to living here. Also the maintenance crew is quick to answering request.

I honestly love living here! I wanted to leave a non-bias honest review to address some things. For example, in regards to the fees that add up; You have to actually READ the lease contract BEFORE you sign it and decide to move in. If you don't like the terms, don't move in, simple as that. I was well aware of the extra fees such as the parking before I signed so nothing took me by surprise. Another thing, about the water shut offs- they notify you well in advance when the dates and times are so that they can do repairs in the building. Just plan accordingly. All the alleged issues are common sense, not rocket science. Another thing, this is not a brand spanking new apartment place but it is very well maintained from what I can see. Also, as long as you pay your rent and bills on time (they give you extra time to pay it too by the way) when they are due, you should never have a problem. In my experience, management and staff are very friendly, professional, down to earth people like you and me just doing their job. They are not responsible for your negligence if you're late on rent and will simply follow the protocol. It goes both ways, you do you part, they will do theirs. With that being said, you should have no problem as long as you pay your bills people! It truly is a peaceful, quiet, dog friendly place! People make friends and do dog play dates at the dog park its super cute! My neighbors are young families, college students and mostly working professionals. I feel safe, comfortable and at ease living here. Do I recommend Foothill? Most definitely. I'm glad I made the choice to live here. :)


Lots amenities. Any repairs are taken care of right away. Friendly staff. Great place to live.


Love Foothill Place! The staff are exceptional and are always available when needed. The atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. I would recommend Foothill Place to everyone!



Such a great staff! Maintenance is always quick to help with any issues, and everybody in the the leasing office is always happy to help me with anything I need! If you are looking for a new apartment, you should definitely check this place out.


Beautiful clubhouse + facilities! Staff is always friendly to work with and cares about the residents.


Love love love! Foothill Apts is AMAZING! You can’t beat the location! The apartments are HUGE, there are two pools and washer/dryers in the units. The on-site staff is fantastic. They’re super helpful and friendly. Live here, you won’t regret it!


Foothill Place in Salt Lake City